Andrey Fomenko

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Born 1971 in Surgut (Russia). Art historian. Studied at the College of Art in Bishkek and at the Repin Institute of Art in St. Petersburg. At present he teaches in St. Petersburg at the University of Technology and Design and at the University of Culture. He edited the journal World of Design and also writes cultural criticism for the MOSCOW ART MAGAZINE. Fomenko is considered one of the most knowledgeable critics of the Russian art scene. In the last few years he has published numerous studies in art history on Russian photography, painting and the media, such as PAINTING AFTER PAINTING (2001), BETWEEN FUNDAMENTALISM AND NEO-MANNERISM (2001), GRAFFITI: THE NEW BAROQUE (2001), FROM DIGITAL PAINTING TO POST-DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY (2002) and FROM AFRICA (2003).