Angeliki Diakrousi

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Angeliki Diakrousi (GR) is a media researcher and artist whose work examines the politics of public spheres and the potentialities of digital tools, spaces and networks. She works collectively, exploring frictions and dynamics of online and urban public spaces through embodied engagement, techno-social practices and a process-based approach.

She is an Architecture graduate of the University of Patras in Greece and holds an MA from the Experimental Publishing Master at Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. Her Master's studies have been supported by the Onassis Foundation and she has recently been awarded the Talent Development Grant of Creative Industries NL. She has been teaching in Fine Arts and Social Practices in Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam about collective platforms, publishing and broadcasting. Her, often collective, work has become public in different setups internationally, such as the Chinretsukan Gallery and Tokyo University of the Arts, the Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale in Albania, the gallery Nomina Nuda in the Philippines, Sign Gallery in Groningen, Panteio University in Athens, TENT in Rotterdam, Abandon Normal Devices Festival in Liverpool, Hackers & Designers in Amsterdam, Motel Spatie in Arnhem, -empyre- listserve in Cornell University Library.

Together with Artemis Gryllaki, Angeliki has co-initiated the collective Feminist Hack Meetings, and she has been involved in the techno-feminist collectives Systerserver, Feminist Search Tools and /etc and has joined Varia, a space for developing collective approaches to everyday technology in the south of Rotterdam, since 2019. She researches and practices feminist approaches to technology and critical computing, investigates listening bias and nurtures dialogical methodologies in relation to public spaces. She was always curious about collective memory, public grief, hidden soundscapes and politics of landscapes. Currently she is researching on the politics of listening and perceptions of noise in relation to the Mosquito alarms installed in the city of Rotterdam and as part of the collective WordMord she conducts workshops around language, trauma and violence. She is also involved in the Traversal Network of Feminist Servers (ATNOFS), a collaborative project formed around intersectional feminist, ecological servers that is taking place in different cities throughout 2022. (2022)