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"I’m an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Audiovisual Culture of Jagiellonian, Faculty of Management and Social Communication, Jagellonian University. Currently I’m working on the project regarding locative media and social mapping as the crisis of image and critique of regimes of Western occulocentrism. Other fields of my academic interest include sound studies, vernacular and oppositional cultures of media, urban media, media in the public space and transmedia practices. Since getting my PhD in 2006 I’ve published a book on gender discourses in globalised television (“Telepłeć. Gender w telewizji doby globalizacji”, Kraków 2008) and more than twenty articles in peer-reviewed journals and anthologies.

For almost 15 years I’ve been also pursuing my musical activity in the field of improvised music, experimental vocal techniques, field recording and ethnomusicology. With my project (Magic Carpathians Project ) I’ve released 12 albums in Poland, U.S. and UK on a few of independent labels and appeared on anumber of compilations (including “New Music from Central and Eastern Europe” published in 1999 by the British magazine, “The Wire”). Together with my partner, Marek Styczynski, we’ve recorded and produced a series of albums with acoustic environment of Baltic seashore as well as Cetaceans vocalisation (in cooperation with ASCOBANS – United Nations programme on protection of Cetaceans from Northern and Baltic Sea). Since 2002 we’ve been also running our own label, World Flag Records, documenting field recordings taken during extensive travelling throughout Himalaya, Balkans and Carpathians, our own projects and traditional music within a range of various media: casettes, CDs, CD-Rs and online projects (currently published 40 titles in limited editions). The former are partly available at the Free Music Archive ( ). I’ve released three solo albums with tundra soundwalks from Laponia Cultural Heritage Area taken during trekking in Scandinavian mountains (2009-2011).

In 2002 I coauthored a book (with Marek Styczynski) on the ethnomusicological research undertaken while travelling across Europe, Central Asia and the United States. Currently we’re working on a side project, Noise to Silence, which is building sound installations combining long strings objects and various types of soundscapes and field recordings. We also cooperate with a technician on building the set of home made analog sound generators. Another book project is also underway – documenting our recent research on joik and Sami musical cultures."