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Ariella Azoulay (born 1962, Tel Aviv) is an Israeli art curator, film-maker and theorist of photography and visual culture. She teaches visual culture and contemporary philosophy in the Hermeneutics and Cultural Studies program at Israel's Bar-Ilan University.


  • Death's Showcase: the power of image in contemporary democracy, 2001.
  • The Civil Contract of Photography, Zone Books, 2008 review.
  • From Palestine to Israel: A Photographic Record of Destruction and State Formation, 1947-1950, Pluto Press, 2011.
  • Civil Imagination: The Political Ontology of Photography, Verso, 2012.
  • with Adi Ophir, This Regime Which Is Not One: Occupation and Democracy between the Sea and The River (1967 - ), Stanford University Press, 2011.
  • with Adi Ophir, The One-State Condition: Occupation and Democracy in Israel/Palestine, Stanford University Press, forthcoming.
Books in Hebrew
  • TRAining for ART, Hakibutz Hameuchad and The Porter Institute Publishers, 2000
  • with Adi Ophir, Bad Days, Resling, 2002.
  • Once Upon A Time: Photography following Walter Benjamin, Bar Ilan University Press, 2006.
  • Act of State: Photographic History of the Israeli Rule in the Occupied Territories, 1967-2007, Etgar, 2008.
Documentary Films
  • A Sign from Heaven, 1999.
  • The Angel of History, 2000.
  • The Chain Food, 2004.
  • At Nightfall, 2005.
  • Civil Alliances, Palestine, 47-48, 2012.