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Communicating film culture in lively fashion is the mission and passion of Arsenal - Institute for Film and Video Art. As a site for research and education that works both nationally and internationally, this Berlin institution creates a network of communication as well as a space for (film) cultural dialogue.

A cinema (Arsenal 1 & 2 and, since March 2020, the digital platform arsenal 3), a festival (the Berlinale Forum and Forum Expanded), a distributor (arsenal distribution), and the archive form Arsenal’s areas of operation. The continual interaction between and intertwining of these areas allows the institution to work with films in a lasting manner and from a range of different perspectives. This structure is at once a constitutive element of Arsenal and unique worldwide.

Since its foundation in 1963, Arsenal has engaged with the history of film and current developments within the medium in critical fashion, with contemporary discourses within society depicted, reflected upon, and contextualized along the way. Arsenal combines the expertise of many different people - filmmakers, artists, actors, curators and researchers – who realize interdisciplinary projects, festivals, and events. Arsenal takes on a pioneering role in developing forward-looking models for cinema, distribution, and archival work as well as in up-to-date approaches to reappraising and communicating film history before the backdrop of technical change and contemporary image and media culture.

Arsenal is an associate member of FIAF (Fédération Internationale des Archives du Film / International Federation of Film Archives). It is organized as a charitable association and fulfils a cultural (and culture educational) mission. (2023)

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