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The Arts Technology Centre based in London.

Artec was established in October 1990 under the European Commission's London Initiative as the UK's first arts centre dedicated to exploring creative applications of digital technology. It was one of a series of pilot projects in capital cities of the EC developing innovative solutions to economic problems in urban areas. Artec has from the beginning operated as a multi-disciplinary project providing resources for research, development, education and training in the creative applications of computers. Artec's interest is not in duplicating existing media, however, but offering new ways of recording, processing and presenting ideas and information. Artec provides a laboratory for artists and creative professionals to explore this new territory.

Artec has invested in a unique studio complex which offers production facilities for sound, music, video, photography, graphic design and animation. The initial project was a vocational training programme funded by the European Social Fund, Access to Digital Arts. This was followed by the Multimedia Workshop, a 'media lab' and a national focus for artists and arts organisations to gain information and skills, to exchange ideas and experiences, to invent and extend the grammar of new interactive multimedia, text, graphics and animation, live and still video images, voice and music in a single product under computer control.

Artec's main areas of activity are: Arts, Training, Multimedia production, Facilitating commercial projects.

Since 2000 operates as an independent organisation.

Staff as of 1998:
Frank Boyd (Director)
Training and education: Jane Placca (Training Co-ordinator), Graham Harwood (Training and ADAC Course Leader), Graham O'Brien (Training and Education Officer)
Production: Jeremy Praill (Project Manager), Sue Underwood (Production Manager), Peter Ride Arts (Programme Co-ordinator)
Administration & Resources: Judith Glynne (Administrator), Liz Howell (Finance Officer), Ruth Aldridge (Admin assistant), Cathy Douzil (Receptionist), Sheldon J King (Technician)

Staff as of 2000: Ruth Aldridge (Executive Director), Liz Howell (Administrative Director), Graham O'Brien (Director of Regeneration Training), Estella Rushaija (Director of Professional Development), Tarik Thami (Director of Research & Development)