Arturas Bumšteinas

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Composer of acoustic and electronic music (graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater), the founder of Quartet Twentytwentyone and a visual artist with various projects presented in dozens of exhibitions around Europe.

The festivals where Bumšteinas participated with his music and audiovisual projects among others include The Holland Festival, Sensoralia / Romaeuropa, Avanto, Jauna Muzika, Sonic Circuits, Cut & Splice, Skanumezs, Full Pull, etc… Since 2000 Arturas has collaborated with artists such as Laura Garbštienė, Jesse Glass, Anton Lukoszevieze, Antanas Jasenka, Simon Wickham-Smith, Jeff Surak, Borut Savski, Max Reinhardt and Rytis Mažulis among others. Amongst the publishers of Bumšteinas's music are such labels as Bøłt, Zeromoon, Con-v, Organic Pipeline, Nexsound, Alg-a, Earlabs, etc… His exhibition-related work is represented by Galerie Antje Wachs in Berlin.

Arturas lives and works in Vilnius and Warsaw.