Astro Boy 06

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Astro Boy 06
Author Corentin Garrido
Language French
Publisher La Cinquième Couche (15€)
City Brussels
Year 2020
Pages 240
Format 14,9 cm x 21,2 cm
Fabrication Album BD en noir & blanc, Couverture Souple sous Jaquette
ISBN 978-2-390-08060-2
E-book PDF (129 mb)

Taking up the logic of diversion of the Essaim collection, developed at La 5e Couche, Corentin Garrido has completely redesigned volume 6 of the adventures of Tezuka's flagship hero, only retaining the graphic codes: speedlines, speed lines, etc. Any figure or any element of decoration is obliterated in favor of an abstract ballet of expressive features which summarize the essence and the dynamics of the story. His approach echoes art historian Ryan Holmberg's brilliant study of speed lines in the manga, which appeared in the 9th volume of La Crypte Tonique, L'oeil sur les rails. (from publisher)