Béla Julesz

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Born 1928 in Budapest. Died in 2003. Visual neuroscientist and experimental psychologist in the fields of visual and auditory perception. Originator of random dot stereograms which led to the creation of autostereograms. He also was the first to study texture discrimination by constraining second-order statistics.

Immigrated to the United States with his wife Margit after receiving his Ph.D. from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1956.

In 1956 joined Bell Laboratories, where he headed the Sensory and Perceptual Processes Department (1964-1982), then the Visual Perception Research Department (1983-1989). Much of his research focused on physiological psychology topics including depth perception and pattern recognition within the visual system.

authored or collaborated on more than 200 publications, including Foundations of Cyclopean Perception (1971). This book is often considered a classic of psychophysics and cognitive science, and has recently been added to the Millennium Project list of the 100 most-influential cognitive science books in the 20th century.