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BAM - Instituut voor beeldende, audiovisuele en mediakunst based in Ghent.

BAM is the Flemish institute for visual, audiovisual and media art. BAM is an independent and intermediary structure, which is positioned between the field and the policy. From a base of in-depth knowledge of both the field and the policy, it provides information, furthers development, collaboration and networking - both within the field and crossing boundaries into other disciplines and fields - and it is in dialogue with the various governments. BAM is no interest group and, contrary to the government, is no channel for subsidies.

BAM was created by the fusion of the foundation for audiovisual arts (Initiative Audiovisual Arts IAK) and the foundation for visual arts (Initiative Visual Arts IBK). In December 2001, IAK and IBK were created as the result of an initiative by the Flemish government. Until the end of 2005, they were subsidised ad nominatim. Currently, institutes such as IBK and IAK are subsidised under the Arts Flemish Parliament Act and their working is set in a collaboration agreement for four years. In January 2007, the Flemish Minister for Culture, Youth, Sports and Brussels Bert Anciaux announced that the institutes for audiovisual arts and visual arts would be joined in one large foundation. With a new action plan and a series of ambitious goals, BAM wants to give a new impulse to the three fields of expressive, audiovisual and media art.

Director: Dirk De Wit.