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Launching in October of 2007, three months of experimental radio will take place in Berlin and Brandenburg on a network of mini FM transmitters. Combining the best of digital and terrestrial technology, Berlin Backyard Radio brings together commissioned radio art, podcasts, streaming, and good old fashioned analogue broadcast in rarely realized form of participatory media: the public can tune in, join the production or even host a transmitter.


Backyard Radio snatches the radio from tv towers and broadcasting agencies and instead of showering down on the city, the radio waves beam out of the districts and neighborhoods. A liberalization of the law allows everybody to run a tiny radio transmitter covering the own block and everyone who passionately cares about her neighborhood adopts the medium and populates the ether - laptop-workers, street artists, urbanists, ipod-kids, handicraft enthusiasts and precarious hedonists alike. Not a decadent experiment in self-reference and individualism, Backyard Radio maintains a collective channel: This is the place where the sounds of the different neighborhoods hit each other. Have you booted your node?