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BALKANMEDIA Association is an international, independent, non-governmental, non-profit-making organization (established 1990 in Sofia), which has now a 10 year experience in the development of cross-border, multicultural cooperation in South East Europe. Balkanmedia Association has members and infrastructure in all 12 Balkan countries (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, FR Yugoslavia, Moldova, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey) as well as associate members in Austria, Germany, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, USA. Balkanmedia Association members are media researchers, media scientists, journalists, editors, publishers, media managers and media experts.

BALKANMEDIA works on different scientific and research projects together with different international institutions, such as UNESCO (Paris), Commission of the EC (Brussels), The Council of Europe (Strasbourg), The European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), Association Kulturkontakt (Vienna), Hans-Bredow-Institute (Hamburg), the European Audiovisual Observatory (Strasbourg), etc.

BALKANMEDIA Association publishes a quarterly magazine BALKANMEDIA. BALKANMEDIA magazine is distributed not only in the Balkan region but to institutions and private subscribers in Western Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

  • Special issue 2002: Cultural policy and modern media art in South-Eastern Europe
  • Vol.11 (Winter 2002/2003) - Special issue: New media developments in South Eastern Europe

BALKANMEDIA organizes regularly international conferences, symposiums and seminars, such as The Economic Conditions of Broadcasting in Democratic Societies together with the EIM in 1992; The Problems of Audiovisual Piracy in Eastern Europe in 1993; The Balkans, the Mediterranean and European Cultural Cooperation in 1994; Since 1995 together with Kulturkontakt holds Intensive Courses in Media Management; in 1998 organized The New Balkan Film Festival; etc. From 1999 the preparation of the BALKAN MEDIA ACADEMY has started in the framework of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe.

The Chairman of BalkanMedia is Dr. Rossen Milev.

Based in Sofia.