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Belgrade Circle (Association of Independent Intellectuals) was founded in February 1992 in Belgrade by Miladin Zivotić and Radomir Konstatinović and as such represents one of the oldest and most influential non-governmental organizations in Serbia. After mainly political engagement in 1992-97 shifted its focus to civic initiatives.

The Belgrade Circle is an association of independent intellectuals which promotes free, open, pluralist, and democratic civil society. The Belgrade Circle proclaims a general culture of peace, dialogue and cooperation, as well as tolerance among all political, religious, national and professional groups. The Belgrade Circle created institutional bases for the protection of all human rights, especially individual rights as well as the right of the other.
Statute of the Belgrade Circle, 1992.

Publishes the journal and books in several editions: Circulus, CirculusGlobus, Collectanea, Circle, Slovenica, New Critical Theory, Belgrade Displaced, Transitional Justice.