Ben Bogart

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Artist working in installation, audio-visual improvisation and software development. His installations create content live in response to their sensed environment. He works in an Open Source context and makes all the software he develops, that is of general use available under the GPL. Physical modelling, chaos, feedback systems and evolutionary algorithms have been used to inform and engage in his creative process. Ben is the author of the pixelTANGO visual performance software hosted by the Societe des arts technologues in Montreal, Canada. “Resurfacing” is Ben’s latest project, produced in collaboration with Donna Marie Vakalis. Ben is now a graduate student in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University and is a member of the international art collective goto10. Serving as the Project Manager for the Pure-Data Documentation Project (PDDP), Ben is working on a curriculum for electronic media arts based solely around Open Source tools.