Berit Greinke

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Berit Greinke is a textile and surface designer whose studio practice exists at an intersection between textiles, sound and performance. She has studied at Art School Berlin, and graduated from Central St Martin’s College of Art & Design, gaining an MA in Design for Textile Futures.

From October 2010 she has undertaken a PhD in Media and Arts Technology at Queen Mary University of London. Her practice-based research focus is on cross-modal experience, developing interactive installations of textiles and digital sound. As part of the taught modules of the PhD she is currently visiting Culture Lab as a research placement. Her interest is in the manipulation of tactile experience, when touching materials, through sound.

Berit is a regular collaborator to David Littler’s ‘Sampler Cultureclash’, an international, ongoing and open-ended investigation exploring the connections between DJ-ing and embroidery, both of which have the word ‘sampler’ in common. Sampler Cultureclash develops and delivers participatory workshops and performances in a variety of settings and with a wide range of people including older women from the New Embroidery Group, with families at the Hub (the National Centre for craft and design) and with visual and sound artists in the UK and Romania.