Bernd Kräftner

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Bernd Kraeftner, was born at the Lake Constance; Austria. He studied medicine and worked as filmmaker and author; since 1998 he explores the messy interfaces between science and society. He conducted various transdisciplinary research projects funded by the Austrian Ministry of Science, the WellcomeFoundation/SciArt, London; the ZKM, Karlsruhe, the Humboldt University, Berlin etc. He co-curated the science exhibition “the true/”, Wien 2006. Currently (2008-2010), he is principal investigator of the research / art project “Pillow Research: multiple diagnoses and hidden talents”, sponsored within the “Translational-Research-Program” of the Austrian Science Foundation (FWF L528-G14); furthermore he is principal investigator of the science & art project (2010-2012) “'In the event of...' Anticipatory and participatory politics of emergency provision", sponsored within the “Art(s) & Sciences Call 2009” of The Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF). As founder/member of the "research centre for shared incompetence" he investigates method developement in science(s) and art, transdisciplinarity, science and technology studies and the arts.