Bernhard Gál

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Born 1971 in Vienna. Lives and works in Vienna and Berlin.

Composes electroacoustic and electronic music as well as music for acoustic instruments, of ten integrating spatial and performative elements. As a (media)artist, Gál integrates sound, light, objects, video projections and spatial concepts to create intermedia installations. Numerous artistic collaborations combining music with architecture, painting, dance, performance art and object art. Has been working with Japanese architect and installation artist Yumi Kori since 1997 on audio-architectural installations.

Concerts, exhibitions and intermedia art projects in Europe, Japan, Taiwan andthe USA. Participation in festivals (including Wien Modern, ICMC Berlin, Kryptonale Berlin, MaerzMusik Berlin, Inventionen-Festival Berlin, Cinema for theEar Festival Copenhagen, Musashino Public Art Festival Tokyo, MATA Festival New York, New Sound New York Festival).

CD releases on labels including Durian (A), Plate Lunch (D), Intransitive (USA),because tomorrow comes (D), Bremsstrahlung (USA), Klanggalerie (A).