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Born 1985. Greek new media artist and musician. He holds a BA in Audio-Visual Arts from the department of Audio Visual Arts – Ionian University (GR) and an MA in Digital Arts from University of the Arts London – Camberwell College of Arts (UK). Since September 2011, he is a PhD student in Arts & Computational Technology, in Goldsmiths-University of London (UK). He is working on AV installations, new media arts, video art, conceptual art through the digital prism, as well as music composition and soundscapes. Conceptually, his works are related to the notions of urban landscape, human emotion, place, non-place, walking as art; with several references to surrealism, romanticism, urbanism and net aesthetics. His artworks have been exhibited in various digital art festivals, in galleries in Athens (GR), London (UK) and Kiev (UKR) as well as in the Summer Exhibition 2010 of the Royal Academy of Arts in London. His publications and talks have been presented in AES Worldwide Convention (Germany, 2009), in the International Journal of Arts & Technology (IJART, 2011) as well as in State Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki (Greece, 2011). On 2010, he released his debut rock guitar instrumental album 'Feeding My Desire'.