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Birgit Bachler is an Austrian new media artist, designer and researcher based in Wellington/The Whanganui-a-Tara (NZ). She holds a BA in Information Design/Media & Interaction Design and MA from the Piet Zwart Institute, Master Media Design and Communication: Networked Media (Rotterdam). She has a background in interactive, audiovisual art, design and programming. Her past research has focused on the influence of emergent media on our everyday lives and how technology influences and manipulates social behavior. By dismantling and manipulating code and mechanisms of seemingly social technologies she creates critical, sometimes playful contemplations of new media. Birgit’s recent autonomous work features a dating-like website built upon grocery shopping data, an online social gardening network and wallpaper samples based on open data.

For her first solo show Copy Wildly she invited all visitors to freely copy all code and instructions on how to rebuild her artworks on a USB stick. Birgit has worked with the artist collective Telcosystems since 2008, has been involved in the production of Sonic Acts Festival in Amsterdam and is member of medialab moddr since 2011. She has been teaching “Interaction Design” and “Creative Coding” at the School of Design at Victoria University of Wellington and is co-chair of the Aotearoa Digital Arts Network since 2013. She is a PhD student under the supervision of Dr Anne Galloway in the More than Human Lab at the School of Design.