Bjørn Magnhildøen

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Net artist, writer, programmer. Born 1966 in Norway.

Bjørn Magnhildøen uses network media for creation, distribution, exhibition, and documentation of his works. His main practice is analog and digital net media and covers a period of twenty-five years ranging from mail art to net art. His work might be characterized as marginal, fleeting, transient; changing, casual; unstable, deviant; ironic, contextual. Many of his recent projects deals with net art books, writing machines and software implemented on the net, live or performative writing and programming, codework, hypertext, and e-poetry. He's the author of more than fourty books, many of them collaborative and generative works, and also publishes books concerned with net art and net writing.

In the eighties he got involved in mail art. These activities migrated into the emergent electronic networks in the nineties, as did his academic interests, from philosophy, via language, logic and information, to computer science. He has supported himself as a system developer, later as freelance programmer and artist within the field of art and new technology.