Borut Savski

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Born 1960 in Ljubljana. He studied with the Faculty of Electrotechnics, Ljubljana. He joined Radio Student Ljubljana in 1984, working as a technician, producer and music critic. In 1993 he was employed at Radio Student Ljubljana as chief coordinator, organizing and taking part in many new radio communication projects arising both around Radio Student and internationally. In 1997, he began coordinating the Ministry of Experimental Initiative, an open platform for research in various media, and started to learn about the Internet and computers as media. Savski co-organized Web- and radio-based Xtended Live Radio events in the summer of 1997. From 1997 to 1999 he performed 100 direct radio broadcast events from clubs and homes, using a portable transmitter to broadcast from the airwaves of Radio Student, and also hosted webcasts. In 1998 he was invited to take part in Web activities at Ars Electronica. Since 1999 he has been conducting a regular radio broadcast "Huda ura" (Heavy Weather), which presents sound art (improvised) based on algorithms. About half of his time is dedicated to describing the philosophy, concept and production behind his work. In 1999, along with American sound artist John Grzinich, he created the sound installation Sound Biotope at the Kapelica Gallery in Ljubljana. Since 1999 Savski has continued his varied work---a cartoon soundtrack, a radio round table, a sound installation and writing.