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Art group. 1969-1976. New Art, Neo Avantgarde, Conceptual Art, Body Art, Land Art, Performance..

Founded as art section of the Youth Forum (Tribina mladih) in Subotica (Yugoslavia), the Bosch+Bosch Group was a paradigm of multiple straying and dilemmas, yet at the same time of brave, uncompromising struggle for a different art, the struggle which characterized the art scene of the day.

Founding members: Slavko Matković, Edit Basch, István Krekovics, Zoltán Magyar, László Szalma, Bálint Szombathy, Slobodan Tomanović; in 1971, László Kerekes joined in; followed by Katalin Ladik and Attila Csernik in 1973, and Ante Vukov in 1975.