Bosko Prostran

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Born 1979. Filmmaker orientated to experiment on film with social and political engagement. He graduated in 2004 with thesis "Stereotypes in Film Industry" at Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade University. In 1999 and 2000 he attended Film school of AFC.

He is author of experimental films and videos that competed and were awarded at international and domestic festivals. He worked as independent filmmaker, coordinator and video editor in Academic Film Center (AFC), one of the oldest cineclub on Balkan. As Dusan Makavejev’s assistant and coordinator he contributed to his masterclass workshop in 2007. Prostran was assistant director, editor and graphic designer on two recent films by Antonio Lauer a.k.a. Tomislav Gotovac (2006, 2007). Since 2006 he has been co-moderator, co-author and lecturer on project MEDIA ARCHEOLOGY – series of lectures and projections dealing with issues of media knowledge.

His artistic work in recent years has been done in collaboration with Isidora Ilic and under name of artistic duo Doplgenger.