Branimir Stojanović

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Branimir Stojanović (1958) lives and works in Belgrade. Stojanović’s work, situated between philosophy, psychoanalysis and art, deals with practices of writing and conceptual-political interventions into institutional contexts of philosophy, art and psychoanalysis. Since 1980 he publishes articles and essays on philosophy, theoretical psychoanalysis, critique of ideology and art theory.

Projects and works: School of history and theory of Images, founder and lecturer, 1999–2003; Production and distribution of pirate edition of the Serbo-Croatian translation of the book: Nicolas Bourriaud, Esthétique relationnelle, 2001; Politics of Memory, Group Monument, distributive object – participative monument, Prague Biennale, Prague, 2007; Politics of Memory, Group Monument, distributive object – participative monument, 24th Memorial of Nadežda Petrović, 2007; Šugar – Das Unheimliche, theoretical-artistic intervention into Psychoanalytical Society of Belgrade, Belgrade University of Arts and Jewish Community Belgrade, archive, conversation, lecture, 49th October Salon, Belgrade, 2008; Mathemes of Reassociation – newspaper editorial board, Group Monument, 49th October Salon, Belgrade, 2008; “The French, another small effort to become l’Organisation politique”, January 5–31, 2009, catalogue–exhibition, political-theoretical intervention, Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts, Cherbourg, 2009; Mathemes of Reassociation (Pythagorean lecture), performance–lecture, Group Monument, 15th PSi Conference, Zagreb, 2009.