Butterfly Effect

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The Butterfly Effect - The Coordinates of the Moment Before Discovery was series of international events organised by the Soros Center for Contemporary Arts Budapest and Intermedia MKE Budapest on 20 January - 25 February 1996 at Mucsarnok in Budapest.

Curators: Suzanne Meszoly - Program Director SCCA-Budapest, Miklós Peternák - Board member SCCA-Budapest.
Organizers: Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák, Andrea Szekeres, János Szoboszlai, Adéle Eisenstein, Helga Rajz, László Tölgyes, Lívia Páldi.


  • Current Coordinates, exhibition of media art works related to central and eastern europe, 20 January - 25 February 1996
  • Media Relics, historical exhibition of inventions and experiments focussing on technological innovations produced by central and eastern europeans, 20 January - 25 February 1996
  • Moving Horizons, retrospective video, film and computer animation program of work, 20 January - 25 February 1996
  • Staged Moments, series of multi-media dance performances, happenings, actions, concerts and experiments
  • The Moment Before Discovery, international symposium devoted to the development of media technology and media art, 22-23 January 1996
  • In the Shadow of Technology, lecture program covering both practical and theoretical issues, February 1996 in Intermedia MKE Budapest