Cómics de la Revolución

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Cómics de la Revolución
Author Francesc Ruiz
Language Spanish
Publisher Centre d'Art La Panera (free)
City Lleida
Year 2008
Pages 130
ISBN 978-8-4968552-8-1
E-book PDF (116 mb), Issuu (from artist)

This installation is a modified version of Scott McCloud’s Reinventing Comics (translated into Spanish as La Revolución de los Cómics), a theoretical treatise in comic-book format that analyzes different aspects of this medium in order to enlarge and expand its spreading. It consists of 1,800 colour-toned copies piled up to resemble a city scale model in which the people’s faces have been replaced by the artist’s own face, thus reinforcing the idea of the copy and modification of the original. The modified text invites the reader/visitor to launch that will change our way of communicating and of perceiving art, supporting the idea of change. (from publisher)