Carolin Gerlitz

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Carolin Gerlitz is a PhD Candidate in Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London at the Centre for the Study of Invention and Social Process and an associate of the Digital Methods Initiative, University of Amsterdam. She also works as a tutor for the MA Brand Development at the Department for Media and Communications at Goldsmiths. Among her research interests are: economic sociology, new media, brands, co-creation, digital research methods, social media and platform studies, topology, numbers, data and feminist theory.

In her doctoral thesis Carolin Gerlitz focuses on brands and co-creation. She discusses how brands create and are created across multiple spaces and topologies, engage a variety of scalable social formations and in-form bodies as well as sexualities. Her work is supervised by Celia Lury and Angela McRobbie. Carolin Gerlitz also works on the organisation of data flows and sociality in social media platforms.

Besides her doctoral research, she has been co-organising the Digital Methods Summer School at the University of Amsterdam and was also involved in the collaborative research project “A Topological Approach to Cultural Dynamics” (ATACD). Together with colleagues, Carolin Gerlitz is organising the Numbers reading group at CSISP which explores the productive and performative potentials of numbers, quantification and data production.