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Catherine Mason was born in Australia, raised in the United States and trained in art history in London, gaining degrees from the University of London and City University. Since 1994 she has been involved in the art world variously as an educator, researcher and exhibitions organiser. In 2002 she began researching the history of British computer arts at Birkbeck, University of London as part of the CACHe Project (Computer Arts, Contexts, Histories, etc.:, funded by the UK*s Arts & Humanities Research Council: As part of this she assisted with the re-formation of the UK-based Computer Arts Society (, co-edited with Dr Charlie Gere, Dr Nick Lambert and Paul Brown the MIT publication White Heat, Cold Logic (2009) and negotiated with London*s Victoria & Albert Museum the donation of an important American collection of international computer art. In 2006 she produced Bits in Motion, a screening of early British computer animation, at London*s National Film Theatre. Her book, A Computer in the Art Room: The Origins of British Computer Arts 1950-80, published in 2008 records the untold story of computer arts activity within art schools.