Cecilia Guida

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Born 1978. Lives in Milan and Rome. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the IULM University of Milan where she is conducting research on the relationship between collaborative practices of art and new technologies intended as social space. She collaborates with the Fashion Design Degree Course of IUAV University of Treviso, La Sapienza University of Rome, Domus Academy and Fine Arts Academy of Rome. She curated exhibitions in museums, galleries, public and non-profit spaces, such as “TM. Tribù della memoria” (Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna, Rome, 2005), “www.mappadiroma.it” (Fondazione Baruchello, Rome, 2007), “Aprés le diner sur l’herbe” (Villa dei Quintili, Rome, 2007), “Menu” (Spaziorazmataz, Prato, 2007), “Fuori contesto” (Bologna, Milan, Trento/Bolzano/Rovereto, 2008), “Datti tempo” (neon>campobase, Bologna, 2009 and Tank Space for Performing and Visual Arts, New York, 2009).