Chain Reaction

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Upgrade! Skopje hosted by Line initiative and movement, received the network’s support to organize and host the 3rd international gathering in Skopje, Macedonia, between 11 - 14 September 2008.

This initiative was a creative spark that gradually grew into an international group of nodes influencing each other continually through permanent communication. The inspiration for this year’s theme of the meeting - “Chain reaction” - developes from the tendency to depict the work within the network itself, the way it works and functions, correlates and interacts. "Chain reaction" was initiated by 5 partner nodes (Upgrade! Belgrade, Upgrade! Berlin - Public Art Lab, Upgrade! Sofia – InterSpace, Upgrade! Istanbul – NOMAD and Upgrade! Skopje - Line Initiative and movement) that are responsible for the main coordination and communication of the project with other nodes from the network.

On this occasion, an anticipated group of 50 international artists, curators, and art producers will gather in Skopje to meet, present art projects, and further on discuss about the development of the network. These biannual meetings are a great opportunity for sharing knowledge and experience gained from professional engagement, with the participants coming from different cultural and artistic communities worldwide.

The effect of the gathering is a 4 day festival with various activities that will be created by common work of the Upgrade! International nodes. Due to the fact, that it is the first time that the meeting is happening in Europe and on the Balkans, there will be additional number of artists from the Balkan Region involved into the program. This will promote the network on different soil and cultural context, and we believe that it will contribute to the future growth of the Upgrade! International family!