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Charles Eppley is an art and music historian working in Brooklyn, NY. He has a PhD in Art History & Criticism from Stony Brook University, where he studied the history of sound in modern and contemporary art. His research holds particular interest in theories of site-specificity, materiality, and mediation in postwar installation and performance. Holding degrees in art history and music, his research articulates an interdisciplinary history of sound in the arts.

Charles also works as a freelance arts writer and is curator and managing editor at His writings appear in Art in America, Rhizome, Leonardo Music Journal, Parallax, Hyperallergic, Digital America, AVANT, Surround Journal and Swingset Magazine. Charles has taught courses in art history, music, and media studies at The New School, Pratt Institute, and Stony Brook University.

  • "Beyond Cage: On Sonic Art History & Historiography", Parallax 23:3, Jul 2017, pp 342-360. [1]
  • "Times Square: Strategies and Contingencies of Preserving Sonic Art", Leonardo Music Journal 27, Dec 2017, pp 21-26. [2]