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Chris Hill (born Christine Hill) is a media curator, artist and educator, who is currently teaching and Associate Dean in the Film/Video School at California Institute for the Arts (since 2012).

Hill received an MFA in Media Study and Photography from SUNY Buffalo (1984), and from 1984-1996 was Video Curator at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center in Buffalo. During this period she was a co-founder of Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Arts Center and also served as board president during the start up years of BCAM, one of Buffalo’s public access projects (1990-1993). Hill also curated a 17-hour video art collection Surveying the First Decade: Video Art & Alternative Media in the U.S. (1968-1980) (1996) that has been distributed to museums and universities internationally by the Video Data Bank; she also edited the accompanying resource guide Rewind.

Hill taught in the Video/Performance Studio at the Technical University in Brno (1997), where she produced Walking Trips in Czech Lands, a series of interviews with artists, documentarians and editors involved in the Czech “parallel” culture prior to 1989 (1995-1997). Afterwards, she was an Associate Professor of Media Arts at Antioch College, Ohio (1997-2008), where she co-directed four Summer Documentary Institutes (1998-2001), including one (with Keiko Sei) on Post-1989 Documentaries in East Central Europe (2000). From 2008-2011 Hill served on the Executive Collective of Nonstop Institute, a faculty/alumni collaborative educational initiative (2008-2009) in response to the closure of Antioch College, and subsequently an arts and education non-profit (2009-2011) in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Her recent publications and media work have investigated documentary media on the U.S. incarceration crisis (Habeas Corpus: You Have the Body), contemporary artists’ work that re-embodies experimental film and grassroots video projects of the early 1970s, tactical media initiatives in response to an educational community emergency, and beekeeping. (2018)