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Authors Nikita Fossoul, Dominique Goblet
Language French, English (Introduction & Afterword)
Publisher L'Association (59.75€)
City Paris
Year 2010
Pages 560
Format 25.6 cm x 19.6 cm
Fabrication Offset
ISBN 978-2-84414-387-7
E-book PDF (522 mb)

Chronographie began with a simple idea: comics artist Dominique Goblet spontaneously proposes to her daughter Nikita Fossoul, then 7, to sit, face to face with her and make portraits of each other. They agree to regularly repeat the experience. This ritual is reproduced almost weekly, and for ten subsequent years. The book, released in the catalogue of L'Association presents a huge body work that chronologically registers the physical and artistic transformations of the two women. Chronographie is a durational performance unfolding entirely in the privacy of the domestic space; its encompassing time span stretching far from what is customary in autobiographical or other works of graphic literature, delivers a narrative of solidarity and care but also a rare glimpse into the process and development of artistic craftsmanship.

Video interview (Fnac, 6 min, 2011, FR).

Reviews: Jessie Bi (du9, 2010, FR), Domingos Isabelinho (The Hooded Utilitarian, 2010, EN), Pilau Daures (du9, 2013, FR).