Classification of knowledge

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Cassiodorus late 8th C Philosophia dividitur.jpg, Peter of Poitiers c1430 Divisio scientiae.jpg, Reisch Gregor 1503 Philosophiae partitio.jpg, Llull Ramon 1505 Arbor scientie.png, Dee John 1570 Groundplat in Euclids Elements.jpg, Savigny Christophe de 1587 Arts liberaux.jpg, Bacon Francis 1640 The Emanation of Sciences.jpg, Hobbes Thomas 1651 1909 Subjects of Knowledge.jpg, Kircher Athanasius 1669 Arbor philosophica.jpg, Chambers Ephraim 1728 Division of Knowledge.jpg, Encyclopedie 1751 Systeme figure des connaissances humaines.jpg, Roth Chretien 1780 Essai dune distribution geneologique des sciences et des arts principaux.jpg, Coleridge 1818 A Treatise on Method division.png, Wells HG 1938 World Brain.png, Otlet Paul 1944 Le monde et sa classification.png, Enciclopedia Einaudi 1982 Filosofia.jpg, CIDOC class hierarchy 2010.jpg