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The annual club transmediale festival is a music and visual arts event held in Berlin, Germany. Begun in 1999, the festival originally focused on electronic music, but has since evolved to cover a wide range of genres under the banner "festival for adventurous music and related visual arts."


The first club transmediale festival was billed as a fusion of electronic music, video, motion graphics and visual art, connecting club culture, contemporary art and academic context. It showcased the Berlin scene in the newly founded Maria am Ostbahnhof club, profiling labels such as the Chain Reaction and Payola as well as the Dutch label Staalplaat. It was organised by Jan Rohlf, Marc Weiser and Lillevän Pobjoy (Rechenzentrum), Remco Schuurbiers and Timm Ringewaldt as a parallel event to the Transmediale Festival.

club transmediale quickly grew into an independent entity held over periods of up to 13 days (2003) with many satellite events around the city of Berlin, including performances and large scale installations. The festival has workshop and panel discussion elements and has become a central spoke of the European and International scene for professionals and enthusiasts alike, with partners including Mutek, TodaysArt, Dis-Patch, and Garage Festival Stralsund.

The festival is now produced and curated by DISK - Sound and Image Initiative, founded in 2005, an independent collective of artists and curators.