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Author Felipe Muhr
Language Spanish
Publisher La Mano (10.000 CLP)
City Santiago
Year 2018
E-book PDF (49 mb)

A work in progress, Codex is a visual encyclopedia of encyclopedias. The series is a free-association graphic study based on the Enciclopedia Codex, an illustrated encyclopedia published in Chile during the late 1950s. In an exercise of re-classification, the objects in the encyclopedia are given new meaning through strict visual rules where every drawing has some correlation with the next one, following a general infographic flow. Codex is an open-ended exploration on how we understand categorical thinking through the use of graphic language. Codex started first as a series of drawings on vellum paper and cut-out ink drawings. A book with a selection of drawings was printed on transparent paper by La Mano Ediciones in Santiago, 2018. (from publisher)