Communes du livre

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Communes du livre
Author L.L. de Mars
Language French
Publisher Adverse (6€)
City Paris
Year 2017
Pages 28
Format 14,8 cm x 21 cm
ISBN 979-10-95922-11-7
E-book PDF (45 mb), PDF (2 mb, from publisher)

As part of the discussions led by the Syndicate of Alternative Publishers (association created in 2014 bringing together today more than forty comic book publishers), LL de Mars has developed a system of circulation and marketing of the book with the fierce desire to finally free itself from the crushing cogs of a self-devouring industrial distribution. Based on communal, even communist operating principles, this model claims to finally offer visibility and accessibility to the countless wonders emerging from a fragile, precious and underground production. Behind its utopian attire, a project is as concrete as it is realistic, tackling with an unprecedented force of imagination the question of politics and commitment in the field of editorial production as much as in that of the dissemination of art and knowledge. (from publisher)