Ivica Matić

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Bosnian filmmaker.

Communist Film Center (Komunistički filmski centar). Amateur film festivals were originally intended for competitions between clubs, with each club being entitled to enter a limited number of films. The idea of conferring awards on individual authors came second, while independent filmmakers could not participate. Thus Ivica Matić made a great many films for three Sarajevo cinema clubs in a very short time. In order to participate at a festival with several films at a time, he started entering them under the name of the Communist Film Center (KFC) in 1970. This was a club all his own: he was its founding member, supporter, and only member. The club's premises were in the building of the Central Committee of the Union of Communists of Yugoslavia in Dura Daković Street in Sarajevo. The name appearing in some of the films is KFC ICF, since Matić also joined the Film Information Center and associated with other Yugoslavian film authors (Nuša and Srečo Dragan, Vladimir Petek, Božidar Zečević, Branislav Štrboja). Matić's films were full of metaphors aimed against the then social order and were nicely (mis)matched with the word communism in the title. (Amir Muratović)


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