Compendium of Francobelgian Comics

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Compendium of Francobelgian Comics
Author Ilan Manouach
Language French
Publisher La Cinquième Couche, Forlaens, L'Endroit, Fortepressa, Hélice Hélas, Topovoros, Antilope, Gnat (18€)
City Brussels, Copenhagen, Rennes, Rome, Athens, Veuvey, São Paulo, Tel Aviv
Year 2018
Pages 48
ISBN 978-2-39008-018-3
E-book PDF (51 mb)

Compendium of Francobelgian Comics (Abrégé de bande dessinée franco-belge) was published in 2018 in book catalogues of eight publishers in Europe and elsewhere. Abrégé was built following the precepts of ontography, a model of conceptual representation for objects theorized by video game designer and OOO philosopher Ian Bogost. Abrégé presents a visual a personal typology of graphemes drawn from a shared reservoir of the Franco-Belgian bande dessinée tradition, where one can find a variety of comics proto-memes, metanarrative devices, paratextual elements and building blocks of the European BD.