Computerkunst - On the Eve of Tomorrow

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The exhibition was organised by gallery owner Käthe Schröder at the Kubus Hannover between 19 October - 12 November 1969. In 1970 it was shown under the new name Computerkunst – Impulse. The Goethe-Institut took over the organisation of a travelling exhibition between 1971 and 1973, which was more international and was shown in Belgium, Norway, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Portugal, and India.

It was the biggest exhibition of computer art held until that date in Germany. It was opened by Max Bense and showed 20 international artists/groups: Kurd Alsleben, Helmar Frank and Georg Nees (Germany), Herbert W. Franke (Austria), Motif Edition and Alan Sutcliffe (United Kingdom), Computer Technique Group (Japan), and from the United States – Jack P. Citron, Compro, William A. Fetter, Dick Land, Ben F. Laposky, Leslie Mezei, A. Michael Noll, Duane M. Palyka, H. Philip Peterson, Richard C. Raymond, Len Sacon and Manfred R. Schroeder.