Constantin Flondor

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Constantin Flondor (b. 1936, Cernăuţi, Northern Bucovina) is a founding member of the groups 1+1+1 (1966-1969), Sigma (1969-1981), Prolog (since 1985) and visiting professor at the Beratzhausen summer schools in Germany (since 1993). He is mostly interested in studying the primary elements – the air and the earth, which led him to a series of large-scale drawings, part of a global, integrative comprehension of the world.


Solo (selection)
  • Barabas Villa, Budapest, 2007
  • Catacomba Gallery, Bucharest, 1999
  • Düsseldorf, 1998
Group (selection)
  • Gallerie Tajan, Paris, 2009
  • Mücsarnok Art Gallery, Budapest, 1998
  • Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh, 1971
Cover of the catalog Flondor, de la 111 + Sigma la Prolog.


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