Cordel Urbano

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Cordel Urbano, 1
Author Lapi (Luiz Antônio Pires)
Language Portuguese
Publisher Ouvidor ($35.00)
City Rio de Janeiro
Year 1973
Pages 56
Format 13 cm x 18 cm
E-book PDF (57 mb)

Luiz Antônio Pires, better known by the pseudonym Lapi, had his first cartoons published in the extinct O Jornal, by the Diários Associados. He also worked for Jornal do Brasil, collaborated with the communist publications Pasquim and Adiante, in addition to creating, in 1973, Cordel Urbano, a booklet that was the size of those little cordel leaflets, only a little fatter, but the role was the same. Lapi was the project leader for urban depollution in Rio, collaborating with paintings in the Rocinha favela, Morro Dona Marta, entrance to the Tunnel Velho, in Copacabana, and at the Hospital Pinel. Lapi died at the age of 60 of a heart attack, in Rio de Janeiro.