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Conference organized by and at the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University Brno in cooperation with Faculty of Social Studies MU anually since 2003. Forum for presentation and discussion of cyber norms and normative systems.

Cyberspace 2003: Normative Framework, 27 October

Cyberspace 2004: Normative Framework, 26-27 October
Topics: law, philosophy, and psychology of cyberspace.

Cyberspace 2005, 7-8 November
Lectures on open source and intellectual property in cyberspace (by Andreas Wiebe), World Internet Project (David Šmahel), adolescents and internet (Patricia Greenfield), conceptual views of a virtuality (Diane Rowland), cybercrime (Irini Vassilaki), e-government (Ludwig Gramlich).
Workshops on internet psychology (David Šmahel), cyberspace law (Radim Polčák), e-government (Danuše Spáčilová), and cyberspace philosophy and sociology (Martin Škop), cybercrime (Vladimír Smejkal).
Screening of Das Netz movie.

Cyberspace 2006, 24-25 November
Topics: law in cyberspace, e-government and e-justice, psychology and internet, internet and society, religious norms in cyberspace.

Cyberspace 2007, 30 November - 1 December
Topics: Law(s) of Cyberspace; E-government, e-justice; Philosophy and Sociology of Cyberspace; Psychology and Internet; Religious Norms in Cyberspace.

Organizational board
Radim Polčák, general chair
Vladimír Smejkal, associate chair
David Šmahel, associate chair
Danuše Spáčilová, organizational chair
Věra Kalvodová, academic chair
Martin Škop, publication chair
Jakub Macek, publicity chair

Jana Petřicová. Normative systems in cyberspace. In: Revue pro média #9. 2003.