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CYLAND Medialaboratory is an artistic laboratory created by St Petersburg branch of National Center for Contemporary Art in cooperation with St. Petersburg Arts Project Fund, New-York. Together, it is a hospitable residence for the artists of the whole world, who would like to use new technologies in an artistic way. The project is created by Anna Frants (director of «St. Petersburg Arts Project») and Marina Koldobskaya (director of NCCA SPb).

CYLAND has enough technical resources to be an artistic playground for organizing team-work on videoprojects, media-art projects as well as any other artistic activity concerned with up-to-date technologies.

The artistic residence of National Center for Contemporary Art in Kronstadt gives artists an opportunity to live (reside) and work on their projects in Kronstadt both in terms of international artistic exchange programs and in individual way.

Since 2007 organizes Cyberfest.