Dejan Sretenović

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Born in Belgrade in 1962. Graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at the Belgrade University, the department of Art History. In the period of 1988-1994 worked as the curator of the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Belgrade. The Director of Center of Contemporary Art in Belgrade (2000-2001). Currently works as the main curator in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade. He was a member of the editorial team of the magazine for visual culture New Moment (1993-1997). Prepared the edition Art in Yugoslavia 1992-1995 (1997), collected papers New Reading of Icons (1999) and a volume of collected articles of Lev Manovič Metamedia (2001). Published a great number of articles in home and foreign periodicals (Delo, Moment, Culture, Košava, Vreme, Reč, Moscow art magazine, etc) catalogues of one-man and group shows and collected papers (Pop vision, [etnja u mestu, East-West Internet, etc). He organized a number of exhibitions at home and abroad.

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