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Demobit is a demoscene party organised in Bratislava and Nitra. On its occasion, sceners from Slovakia, Czech republic and elsewhere present their code-based visuals, audio and images. Four editions took place: 1995 (PKO, Bratislava), 1998 (DK Zrkadlový háj, Bratislava), 2000 (Staré divadlo, Nitra), and 2001 (Staré divadlo, Nitra), with another one planned for 2017 (Binarium, Staré Grunty, Bratislava).

Competition categories and PC Demo winners
  • 1995: PC Demo, PC 4k Intro, Amiga Demo, Atari ST Demo, Atari ST Intro, Multichannel Music, 4-Channel Music, Graphics, Sinclair ZX Spectrum Demo, Sinclair ZX Spectrum music-in-interrupt, Sinclair ZX Spectrum music-with-samples, Sinclair ZX Spectrum graphics, C64 Demo, C64 Graphics, C64 Music. PC Demo results: Zoantrophy by MiST (619 points), Flight by SiN (545), Unlogical by EastWood (370).
  • 1998: Demo, 64k intro, 4k intro, 256B intro, Music, Image, Raytraced Image, Web design, C64 Music, C64 Graphics, Real-time coding. Demo results: Cage by Zircon (118), Why by 7Gods (113), Xlat by MovSD (112).
  • 2000: Pixel, Raytrace, Music 32k, Music, Intro 256b, Intro 4k, Intro 64k, Demo, Webart, Wild. Demo results: Fate by 7Gods (200), Different Engine by Satori (63), Secret Ultra Dry by Broncs (62)..
  • 2001: Demo, Intro 64k, Intro 4k, Intro 256b, Wild, Chip, Graphics. Only one demo was submitted B10 by Satori.

CSDb, 1995,
Mondo, 1998 (SK)
Raven mag, 1998 (SK)
Johny's fotos, 2000
Raven mag, 2000 (SK)
Luc, 2000 (CZ)
Carlos, 2000 (CZ)
Dee's fotos, 2001
Luc, 2001