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Depot - Kunst und Diskussion is a debate venue in Vienna.

The Depot is working in the field of contemporary visual art in theoretical terms and is particularily interested in those areas within contemporary art where the tasks of artists and theorists overlap and clear dividing lines between their roles disappear.

The Depot was founded in the summer of 1994 by Stella Rollig, then financially supported by the Curator Wolfgang Zinggl and since 2000 financially supported by the Federal Canclery. The Depot's events focus on certain themes reflecting the current discussion in the art field. Issues determining the production of art in the past few years include e.g. questions as to the social and political relevance of art, the autonomy and contextuality of art or the influence which the gender difference has on artistic production.

Events range from discussions on issues of cultural policy and interviews with artists to lectures held by theorists. The Depot's program addresses an audience looking for a deeper understanding of contemporary art than can be acquired through reception alone, and hopes to provide an impetus to a new generation of art critics, theorists, artists and exhibition makers.

The Depot-Library contains books and journals on art, art theory, gender studies, cultural studies, media theory.