The Flying Desk

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Media Lab and Artists Work Space in Amsterdam, Fall 1994 - summer 1996. Founded by Walter van der Cruijsen along with Geert Lovink. The core group of this initiative met within De Digitale Stad.

"Media lab served as an experimental on-line laboratory for artists, coders and activists. Lacking funding, Desk provided paid services and (co-)developed new internet technologies for third parties to finance it activities. The flying Desk served as both a physical and a virtual host for several net based projects, arts, community and organisations. Well-known on-line forums, such as Nettime and Rhizome, have started from Desk and the workspace was a well attended environment. The temporary success of Desk was also given by the use of low tech solutions, free software and open source, not at least because we dide not have any money. The first host was a pc running linux. We managed to build webcams with and remote controlled hardware through the internet with cheap if not crap materials. Setting up medialabs, getting organisations online and developing net based projects became a major activity. Again, creating infrastructure, engage and connect people, enter and add to the public domain." Walter van der Cruijsen, 2002