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Diachronicity was an approach to collect stories, facts and other findings from archives as well as from people living, working and crossing the area. Interviews and other forms of investigation formed the tools for this topic. The outcome are three pieces relating to this topic.

Research material[edit]

The research was done by Cuco, Barbara and Guy (with the help of gnd). We searched in archives of the town of Bratislava as well as online. The outcomes you will find by clicking on the title.


13m3 is in the buildings of a former concrete factory. The ex-workers from this factory were given allotment gardens. One of the reasons was that the soil around the area was pretty poisened. With atollment gardens - so the hope - the soil would recuperate easier and faster. This interviews were done when the gardeners and ex-workers of this concrete factory had a general meeting in the space of 13m3 (which is their former washing room). The recording was done by Cuco.

Finding Sounds[edit]

Before the opening of 13m3 we tried to find the 'lost' sounds of the area. As 13m3 is in the former washing room of the workers, water was to be found in many places. A sound installation (click on the title to get there) was established first for the opening of 13m3 in March 2006 and then rebuild for the LOST FREE SPACE exhibition in September again. During letne dielne workshops in August 2006 we recorded some more sounds as well.

HERE you can find the audio files recorded for the piece.

    • R050301-002153.mp3 - already a mixed part, that is treated with pd
    • R050301-062800.mp3 - also a mixed part already where lubo comes in too
    • lubo-ganz.ogg - Lubomir Nosko is telling something about the area
    • rumsrums.ogg - interesting sound