Dina Vescio

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Dina Vescio is the Programming and .dpi Electronic Journal Coordinator at Studio XX. Dina is a graduate of the Master of Art History Program at Concordia University (2009). Her thesis investigated webcam-based artworks by Canadian artists Janet Cardiff and Cheryl Sourkes, focusing on themes of surveillance and spectacle while drawing from feminist studies to explore how women achieve agency via the Internet. As a DOCAM Research Assistant at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (2007-2009), she performed case studies on digital video installations and published texts based on media art in museum collections and Internet art for the Museums and the Web conference (2008) and the DOCAM and CHIN (Canadian Heritage Information Network) websites. Dina has co-curated exhibitions for Concordia’s FOFA (Faculty of Fine Arts) Gallery and has worked for artistic institutions in Montreal and Ottawa.